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Please continue to read this page to get
specific information on how our process works.
Please send us an email if your question is not answered below.

This listing is for our adorable custom bunny made
from your child’s clothing!
This clothing deer makes a perfect first birthday gift, baby shower gift, newborn gift, or keepsake bunny. When the unthinkable happens, it also makes the most precious bereavement gift.

We know your clothing items are irreplaceable.
That’s why we take extra care to make sure your bunny looks perfect.
Rest assured that your bunny is being made
in a clean, smoke-free, home.
It's as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Choose the size. 

Please click your desired size below after reading
this page to be redirected to it’s listing.

For a SMALL Memory Bunny
Please send 2-3 clothing items size NB or larger (sleepers work best) 
OR one baby blanket for a 11 inch bunny.
Please send 4-5 clothing items for an 18 inch bunny.

For a PREEMIE Memory Bunny
Please send 4-6 clothing items size NB or larger (sleepers work best).
If using Preemie sizes, send a few more clothing items OR add a blanket.
You could also send less clothing items AND a baby blanket.

For a FULL-TERM Memory Bunny
Please send 6-7 clothing items size NB or larger (sleepers work best)
OR less clothing items AND a baby blanket OR two baby blankets.
If we do not have enough fabric from what you send, we will use a
solid color coordinating fabric to fill in where needed.

2. Choose your personalization option. 

1. No embroidery/vinyl

2. ONE LETTER Monogram

(For example “S” for Sarah)
It looks great on the foot or chest of the bunny.
We will use colors that coordinate with your outfit(s).

3. Custom Message
A short message or name on the ear of the bunny.
For example “Sarah” or “Love Nana”.
We will use colors that coordinate with your outfit(s). 

4. Birth Stats

They can be personalized on the feet, the ear or on a blanket to for the bunny to hold.
We will use colors that coordinate with your outfit(s). 

— We will message you with our shipping address AFTER your purchase.
Please write your order number or name on a paper inside the box. 
— Please wait to order until you are ready to send your clothing items.
Please send your clothing items within 2 weeks.
We may cancel your order if clothing items have not been received after 1 month.

Don’t worry, we ALWAYS send back extra outfits/fabric.
(if they are more than 2 inches)
Feel free to mark your favorite items (with a baggie or note)
to be sure we feature them in a prominent place.
(Typically on the face and chest)

— Don’t have clothing items?
We can purchase fabric for you instead.
Please click HERE to purchase our add-on fabric listing: 
(Just let us know what color or theme you are looking for)

3. We will make your animal & send it back.

— Current turnaround time is approximately 10+ weeks from purchase.
— USPS Priority Mail shipping is included in your price.
International shipping has an additional fee,
which you can view in the shipping tab below the listing before purchase.

Message us with any questions

Includes plastic safety eyes, soft polyester fiber stuffing
and a coordinating neck bow.
If it is clearly for a girl, we will also add an ear bow. 

The memory animals are meant as a keepsake
rather than a toy.
They look perfect sitting on a shelf!
They are handmade, machine sewn, and also
have hand-sewn elements.
They also are weighted with small steel beads,
which pose a choking hazard.
The beads are encapsulated in a small pouch
inside the animals.
Please use close supervision and common sense.

some of our creations

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We specialize in actual birth height & weight memory bears (and other animals), which are usually made from our customers’ clothing items.
Maryland, USA


Please click on your desired memory animal below to view its detailed description.
bear(s) bunny deer dinosaur dog elephant fox giraffe koala monkey quick gifts unicorn


please email us
reguarding these add-ons
sleeping eyes pocket for ashes
(vial included)


★ Owner: Kira
★ Opened: 2016
★ Assistants: Hannah & Gizem
★ Turn Around Time: 6-8 weeks
★ Location: Maryland

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