How does this work?

Purchase your animal here or on Etsy, and choose the options from the pull-down menus to customize your animal. After you order, you will receive the address to mail your clothing/fabrics. When I receive your package, I will make your animal & send it back.

How many clothing items should I send?

Up to 12″ animals, please send 1-4 clothing items. Up to 15″ animals, please send 3-6 clothing items. 18-20″ animals, please send 6-8 clothing items. 21+” animals, please send 7-9 clothing items. If you do not send enough clothing items to complete your animal, I will fill in with a solid coordinating fabric as needed.

A “clothing item” is generally considered a sleeper, sleep n play, swaddle, bodysuit, pants, dress, etc. You could also send blankets, swaddles, crib sheets, adult t-shirts, etc. You can always send a message if you have any questions about what to send.

What if I don’t have any clothing items, or aren’t willing to send them?

No problem. I know some people don’t have clothing items, or just can’t part with them. I can always purchase fabric for you. Just let me know the color(s)/theme and I’ll find the perfect thing.

Do you send back scraps or extra clothing?

Absolutely! Anything larger than 2″ will be sent back to you with your animal.

Will my animal be the same size as my newborn?

No. While I do make them the same height (within half an inch) and weight (within half an ounce) as your baby, you will notice right away the the animals are much “fluffier” than a newborn! If I made them the same proportions as a newborn, they would lose all the cuteness as a stuffed animal. So while the height and weight will be accurate, they will not be the same size as your baby was.

What is your current turnaround time?

The Christmas deadline has passed. Current orders will ship in JANUARY/FEBRUARY (Before Nov 20- January. After Nov 20- February). After I receive your clothing items, I will assign you an order number, so you can watch the schedule.

Will I receive my animal in time for Christmas?

There are a limited number of original bears on Etsy specifically for Christmas delivery. At the time I am typing this, there are 15 available, and are at an increased price. All other orders will resume shipping late December-January and will not arrive for Christmas. If you ordered by Halloween, your order will arrive in time for Christmas.

What shipping service do you use?

I use USPS Priority Mail Shipping for US. US shipping is included. USPS Priority Mail Shipping typically takes 1-3 days.

I use UPS for international shipping. International shipping will have an additional fee, and can get quite expensive due to the weight of the animals. Canada +$25, most other countries are +$45, and a few are +$60.

Do you ship to my country?

I am located in Maryland, USA. I ship worldwide on Etsy. Shipping rates often show up pretty high due to the weight- if I can find a lower rate, you will be refunded the difference. International shipping will be via USPS or UPS.

Do you make any other animals?

Feel free to request animals through social media or by messaging me. Due to order volume, I don’t roll out new animals very often, but if I have a lot of demand, I may introduce new animals. Each new animal requires me to not only find or create the perfect pattern, but also resize it from 10 inches all the way up to 24 inches, to accommodate most infant heights- so it can be quite a long process.

FYI- my website has limited animals. All the rest are available on Etsy.

What is the smallest and largest animals you have made?

The smallest animal I have made was 5 inches and less than 1 pound. The largest animal I have made was 33 inches and 26 pounds.

How long have you been making these?

I made my first memory bear in 2016 & have made over 3,000 since then. I have been sewing various things since the early 2000s, including clothing, costumes, and stuffed animals.

Which animal should I get?

I would recommend the most popular bear. It comes out adorable every time. The bunny, elephant, and fox are other favorites of mine.

Are these toys?

No; these are not toys. They are meant as keepsakes & are perfect for sitting on a shelf, out of reach of children. They are machine sewn with hand-sewn elements and small parts, and are not suitable as toys.

What is your return policy?

I do not offer returns/refunds due to the custom work that goes into each animal. Of course, if something is incorrect about your animal- like the height, weight, or embroidery, I will certainly fix that! Pretty much the only complaint I see from customers is that their animal was larger than they expected. Please see the FAQ “Will my animal be the same size as my newborn?”

Where do I send my clothing items?

You will be emailed my address after check out.

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